Thursday, February 21, 2013

What leads a man away from the small talk?

A book for adult men--young and old, wondering about their life, or facing midlife transitions--and women who want more understanding of the male journey and meaningful conversation with men. Peery's open personal stories provide a basis of discussion into the depth and complexity of men's lives. The front cover's word cloud below, names some subjects within. This book is a walking tour through one man's life journey, not a "how to."

 "Early Beliefs, Muscles, Parents, Shame, Logic, A Guy Thing, Life, Mind, Women, Sports, Fear, Sex, Work, Engineered, Lost in Thought, Golf, Competition, Power, Facing Failure, Open Mind, Compassion, Competence, Success, Anger, Complex, Love, Marriage, Parenting, Role Model, Beliefs, Prison, Happiness, Unengineered, Mystical, Strength, Grief, Retire, Alzheimer's, Dying"

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