Sunday, November 3, 2013

Getting past the small talk

In our culture's current divisive, us-versus-them world that's riveted to others' differences, I invite Houston area men to consider talking about life with others in a safe and trustworthy community that recognizes each man is worthy of being heard and retains the responsibility to freely direct his own life.  

"A Walking Tour of Male Spirituality," based on the book So Dad, What Makes a Man? : A Narrative on the Male Identity, begins at the Cenacle Retreat House, 420 N. Kirkwood on January 23 for ten consecutive Thursday nights until March 27. Joining me to facilitate are Lloyd Guerin, a spiritual director at the Cenacle and leader of men's retreats for over ten years, and Luis Canales, a founding member of the retreats known as Adoration, Community, Theology, Service (ACTS).  

 A book copy is included in the $125 minimum offering. You can register online at or, call the Cenacle with any questions or help at 281-497-3131.

As men, we want to get better at building something greater than ourselves through our personal relationships with other men and, importantly, with God.  Our tools will include practicing listening skills and various spiritual exercises. Here men can demonstrate we need not be alone bearing pain when life becomes difficult.  We recognize this is contrary to the prevailing culture that men are not to acknowledge their human weaknesses.

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